Special Constabulary

Why should I join Cleveland Police as a Special Constable?

Special Constables are volunteer police officers who play a pivotal role in Cleveland.

Becoming a Special Constable gives you the chance to work alongside regular police officers and police staff, bringing skills and experiences from your day job and allowing you to give something back to the area.

It’s challenging and worth the while. After all, you’ll have to give up at least 16 hours of your spare time each month. But helping to protect and support Cleveland and the diverse people who make up the local population is really satisfying too.

Special Constables are involved in all aspects of policing Cleveland, enjoying a variety of roles and carrying out duties.

There’s nothing quite like it

As a Special, you’ll make a real difference to Cleveland by reducing crime - and the fear of crime – across the area, whilst gaining unique experiences you simply can’t get anywhere else. If you have the spare time, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it.

Recruitment is now closed.


  • Special Constables are volunteer police officers with the same powers as regular officers.
  • Special Constables must commit to at least 4 hours per week of duty time, supporting the police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in local communities.
  • Special Constables are recruited locally.
  • Special Constables work in close partnership with regular officers and the wider police family such as Police Community Support Officers [PCSO]

Special Constabulary Guidance Documents

Specials Recruitment Presentation 2018 (This is what was presented at Teesside University)

Special Constabulary Guidance Document

Fitness Test Information